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Who are we

Go2Swim was pioneered during 2011 to offer a unique and exceptional standard of teaching swimming and aquatic activities .

Erika Asquith and Amy Snowden co-founded Go2Swim to provide a teaching environment that focuses entirely on the needs and learning abilities of the swimmer. They have the ability to deliver the core skills and techniques required to allow swimmers to reach their own potential, whilst ensuring they cater for their individuals learning needs. Our experience, dedication and reputation firmly supports their promise to deliver the best teaching environment possible.

Erika has extensive teaching knowledge both in the water and in a supportive capacity. She is passionate and wholly committed to ensuring the children have the most fun and enjoyment in their swimming lessons whilst making sure children give 100% in what they do, as per the Go2Swim's expectations.

Erika is a Royal Lifesaving Society Trainer Assessor and First Aid Instructor, which strongly supports health and safety in the pool environment.

Amy has the ability to inspire positivity in her swimmers no matter what stage they are at. Her approach is one that offers support encouragement and adaptability to anyone she teaches. Her passion is paramount in the swim school as she consistently delivers the highest standard of teaching.

In support of Amy's passion for teaching swimming, she also holds several fitness qualifications and is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer, which allows her to transfer many skills to the swim school.

Amy and Erika inspire and educate swimmers and their supporting staff. They work closely to ensure assistant teachers and lifeguards are mentored so they support Go2Swim's style of teaching and learning. They both have extensive experience working with children in swimming, after school, holiday activities and sporting environments. They hold the Amateur Swimming Association Level 2 in Teaching and Coaching Swimming and are members of the ASA Institute of Swimming and Royal Lifesaving Society.

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