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Parent & Toddler

These classes build on early experience in the water, or if your child is new to the water at this stage, our teachers guide and help both Parent & Toddler on a gentle introduction to ensure their first experiences are always positive and comforting.

Most toddlers will now love to splash, jump in, kick their legs and chase the toys, all encouraged with fun games and songs. It is a delight to see them interacting with each other too, and the songs and group activities provide a focus for this. Many swimmers in these classes will develop confidence and become very comfortable taking little swims on their own, both with woggles and unaided. They blow bubbles, submerge, jump in, turn round and hold onto the side which was taught in the baby classes and without realising it, they are becoming skilled and safety conscious of what parents expect in the water environment.  

Go2Swim Parent & Toddler Swimming Lessons
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